Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Day In the Life....

I had every intention of posting something cute and sweet yesterday afternoon. Instead I will share with you why I did not.

Do you ever have that feeling when you wake up that something is not right? Like there is a disaster right around the corner? Well I don't. That is why when I woke up I was expecting another typical day in the life of this suburban domestic administrator (sounds better than housewife). And that is why when I heard the glass-shattering scream from the backyard as I cleaned up after lunch I was caught off-guard. When I made the two steps across the kitchen to the window I saw K covered in blood that seemed to be coming from her left cheek. I cannot type what ran through my head because I want this to remain Family Friendly. The next actions were a blur but somehow I managed to get a towel on K's cheek and get us all in the van. I gave a call to my hubby that went something like this:

"K fell and is hurt bad. Meet us at the ER" click.

Not my finest moment. Sorry about that honey.

By piecing the stories of my injured daughter and her 3 year old sister together, we gather that K was climbing in a grouping of aspens we have near their playground, slipped and fell. There was one of those green and white posts you tie young trees to next to these trees that may have been involved. There was also a thin branch on the ground where she fell that had recently been broken off so we assume it was the catalyst in this. We are not sure what made the gash exactly and are very thankful for tetanus shots.

ER visit: $100
Popsicles, ice cream and cookies: $10
Bringing your baby home in one piece: Priceless

Today she is sore and still a little shaken up. She is concerned that she looks bad or weird and is afraid of hurting herself. There is some swelling but that has improved since this morning and I expect she will have some colorful bruises over the next few days. The wound is similar in shape to a fishing hook. Her mouth is drooping on that side but it could be because of the bandage or swelling (best case) or nerve/muscle damage. We will find out next Monday when we see the plastic surgeon.

A huge thanks to the fabulous staff at Good Sam including Jen, Jessica, Kurt and Dr. Kiehn who took such good care of my baby, made her feel better, calmed me and my hubs, provided pain relief and a grape popsicle, and put K back together praising her and making her feel like the bravest girl ever. I think she is.

She is trying to smile here.

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Angie said...

She IS a brave little girl. And you're a brave mom - my insides hurt just hearing about the accident yesterday and today reading about it. I'm eager to hear what the plastic surgeon says; let's pray he won't be needed!