Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy BirTher's Day

I hope you all had a great Father's Day. Ours was busy but fun! Steve's birthday is on Flag Day which also is right around Father's Day so it makes for a busy time of year for us. I try so hard to seperate the two but this year I think I fell short.

With finances being tight this year we knew we couldn't do much but I missed even the low bar set. The kids made cards and scrapbooks for both Steve's birthday and Father's Day. I did neither. I didn't even buy a card! I feel so awful! I tried to make up for it but still feel terrible. We had a busy weekend beginning with Steve and I going on our first date in about 18 months (I sure hope I am forgetting something in my counting!), and took the kids out for ice cream. That was Friday night. Saturday we saw the new Chronicles movie (great), went to a late lunch, took a nap and went out for ice cream. Sunday we worked in the yard, went on a hike, went to a park, went on two long walks and had a steak dinner at home. Still I feel like it was not enough. I guess it never is enough for those we love.

This week Steve is off from work. We were going to be visiting his family in Iowa but the gas prices scared us off. Good thing I guess with all the weather issues they have been having, fortunately none near where his family lives. Instead we are doing a vacation at home where we will try to do things that we do not usually have time to do as a family like the zoo, hikes, and so forth. Hopefully not any more ice cream trips - I just started a new diet plan and Cold Stone and Dairy Queen are not recommended.

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Sarah said...

I hate diets that don't recommend ice cream!