Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Again?

How can it possibly Christmas already? I am not ready to be here again!

This year we are lucky that we will get to see virtually all of our friends and family. My parents moved to Tulsa, OK in October and Steve's family is in Iowa. The plan is to spend Christmas Day at my uncle Mike's with my extended family. The next day we are going to drive to Iowa and spend a few days with Steve's family. It will be so great to see his grandparents, aunt, uncles, brother and sisters, and our niece and nephews! Out kids are so excited to see their cousins! It has been so long since all the grandkids were together I imagine my mother-in-law will be thrilled!

On Dec. 30th or 31st we are going to drive to Tulsa to spend a few days with my parents and see my uncles. Again we are really excited! I cannot wait to see what Mom and Dad have done with their house. From the pictures they have sent me it looks great!

I am just so excited to get to see all our family. It has been so long since we have had this opportunity. It is sad that being with your family is almost a luxury anymore. With a family of 5 we cannot afford to fly and then rent a car so the hardest part of the trip will be driving. It is 12 hours to Steve's mom's house, then apx 8 hours from her house to my parents'. Thanks heaven for portable DVD players! It is actually a lot of fun for the most part. We talk and listen to music and play games. It is a gift to have this time with our family in such close quarters. On the other hand it is a drag to loose 2-3 days with our family to traveling.

The only thing we have to do other than almost all of our shopping is find someone to take care of our dog, Chipper and our three cats. Pray we will find someone soon!

God bless!

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