Sunday, December 9, 2007

Random Memories

I am amazed at how memories and messages can be sent. I was reading another blog for the first time a few minutes ago which I have now added to my favorites. One of her posts were about a memory she had as a child preparing a Christmas surprise for a family in need. She and her family wrapped gifts, then protected them in a bag, left them on the doorstep, rang the bell and ran! How fun!

I can remember as a kid preparing a dinner not for us but to leave on our doorstep. A family we had never met and would never meet, but who were involved in Marriage Encounters (my parents were instructors) were passing through town on a long road trip, had small children with them, and no time or money for dinner or something like that. Keep in mind I was maybe 6 years old or younger at the time so these details were not important to me. I can remember helping my mom make sandwiches and snacks, wrap them and place them in bags. The family was supposed to be coming by in the middle of the night so we left them on our doorstep.

The family never came by and again I don't remember why. What I do remember was the excitement for having something unexpectedly fun and meaningful to do for some people we had never met. I remember how quickly my parents jumped at the chance to do something to help someone else. We did not necessarily have extra money or food but it didn't matter how much we had - just that we had the opportunity to help someone so we grabbed it.

I think this single event planted a seed of service and giving in my heart which the Lord has cultivated in me every day since. I love to help others and wish I could do more. What a simple and seemingly random memory, but it is etched in my mind and one I and thankful for and think of fondly from time to time.

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