Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ahhhh... Sweet Relief!

Here in beautiful Colorado we have been experiencing something of a dry-spell mixed with a decent heat-wave. We are spoiled here typically and are not accustomed to the 90+ and even 100+ degree weather we have had the past couple of weeks. We are also usually treated to afternoon rains, something that we have not had for many weeks. I actually cannot remember the last time we got more than a sprinkle of rain.

Today we got a break though. Hallelujah! What started at a 95 degree day cooled as big, dark clouds rolled in and a nice cool breeze picked up. And then it happened... RAIN!!!! Not a lot granted but enough for me to go out on the back deck for a little rejoiceful twirling. Then, as the kids and I left the library the street and sidewalks we actually wet! There were puddles!!! So we did what any normal person in our situation would do. We danced!

And then this:

God is sooo good! All the time God is good! But it occured to me that without the heat and lack of rain lately we would not have appreciated the rain we got today so our blessing was two-fold! Again - GOD IS GOOD!!!!

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Angie said...

Oh, gotta love those simple pleasures! Looks like fun!