Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Post Came Back!

It is no coincidence that after sharing my last post the lost-post I referred to came back! Thanks God! I have been having serious memory issues lately and was beginning to think I was loosing it… well more than I already have and will admit to.

So while in the van a commercial came on about the Women of Faith Conference which comes to my area in September. Living in the Denver area all I usually hear about is political stuff thanks to the Democratic National Convention being help here next month. It was nice to hear about something I am more interested in!

Last year was my first time to WOF (I am so with it) and oh how I loved it and have been looking forward to it ever since. Ah to laugh, sing and cry with a few hundred thousand of my closest sisters. Love it! If you have not gone I highly highly recommend it! Here is a glimpse to see what I saw from our “mile high” seats (get it?!?! – I am such a nerd.)

And here is a preview of what is in store for us this year! I can't wait!

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