Friday, August 8, 2008

9 Cent Entertainment

9 pennies from the bottom of Mom's bag - 9 cents
Big Brother with arms long enough to reach more pennies - free
3 adoreable children getting along - PRICELESS!

We spent a while at the big watefall at our local mall which as you can see is beautiful. Z could reach coins other people had tossed in so his sisters could make a bunch of wishes. Awww! How sweet is that! He was their hero! I found exactly 9 pennies in my bag so they could make even more wishes though I did not quite obtain the hero status my son did. Oh well.

It was so wonderful to watch them having so much fun with something so simple. I often feel overwhelmed by all the requests to go somewhere, do something, buy the latest and greatest toy or game. We try so hard to teach our children not to be materialistic but it is hard for them and us. Plus we have been staying in the house so much lately because of the heat that we are all a little stir crazy and the bickering had been escalating to impressive levels. It was nice to be out in the sun and fresh air and for all three of them to be loving and kind to each other without me telling them to!

Of course we did a little shopping while there. I was so happy. It has been months since I have gone shopping (Steve does not understand that groceries don't count) and I was going through withdrawls! Even though I did not get anything for me (I usually don't) we did get these fabulous shoes for the girls!

Their love for shoes fills me with such pride! They are mine! It is hard to tell from this picture that the shoes are glittery and have satin trim and bows. So fabulous. Yea!

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