Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bully Update

Thank you to all my sweet friends who have shared such kind words, both in blog form, email form and face to face as I continue to process the events we shared the other day.

As I said, Z decided he wanted to talk to the girl who had upset him so. She had gone inside by the time he went out there so he was unable to talk with her. Maybe that is God's answer to my prayers. Z got to play with another boy one on one which was very special for him since usually there are about 5 girls playing too. It was good for them to have Boy Time. A little time passed and Z asked for popsicles for him and the 3 kids he was now playing with. Remember Otter Pops? Oh so yummy! They no longer have the little Otters on the packaging that tell the name that correlated to their color or flavor. I cannot imagine why they would change that.

While we were not given a resolution and the rain we have enjoyed for the past few days have prevented playing outside much, at least there was peace in our house and my son's heart has had time to heal.

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Angie said...

...and here's the rest of the story! (the good thing about catching up on blogs is no wait time to hear results from one post to the next.)

Well, maybe it's good she went inside. What was Z hoping to say to her?

No Otters on Otter Pops?! That's not even logical! :)