Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Fastest Week of the Year

Phew! We made it through in one piece, virtually unscathed and absolutely filled with joy. What is this amazing experience you may be asking? Vacation Bible School of course!!!!

snack time on the church lawn

This is by far our favorite week of the year - the kids and I. I love how excited my kids get about learning about Jesus. I love watching all of the kids sing and dance to the great songs, laugh and play during the skits and games, and really show their personalities in the crafts. This year we had about 270 children attending and they just about tore the roof off at times!

It always begins the same way. We put in months of prayer and prep and suddenly it is the Day 1! Things tend to fall apart a bit on Wednesday - kids are tired, I continually run late (What? No! Not me!) and then you blink and it's Friday! By Thursday Z and K were so upset that it was ending. Many tears were shed. Z thought since so much work is put into VBS it whould last like a month. Or all summer! (*shudder*)

Even though the days are early, fast paced, and at times exhausting, and we are all physically tired by the end of it, our hearts are filled in a way I do not find the rest of the year. This one crazy week fills me so much I feel like I could walk on air!

Z and his best buddy showing off their prayer bracelets

E and a new friend on the playground

K with two special friends

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Angie said...

Deann, I love reading about how much you and your kids love VBS. It really was a great week! :)